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Magnetic-field-tuned phase transition of a molecular material from the isolated-spin to the coupled-spin regime.

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Spectroscopic Ellipsometry and Electrochemical and X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Investigation of the Influence of the Crystalline Plane on the Adsorption of α,ω-Alkanedithiols: Mono Versus Bi-Coordinated Configurations

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Electrosynthesis of N-Methylisatin

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Regarding the measurement of microviscosity in lipid bilayers by EPR

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Melanins from two selected isolates of Pseudocercospora griseola grown in-vitro: Chemical features and redox activity

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Spin label EPR suggests the presence of cholesterol rich domains in cultured insect cell membranes.

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Coupled High Spin CoII Ions Linked by Symmetrical Double Hydrogen Bonds: Role of a Slowly Relaxing CuII Impurity in Interrupting the CoII–CoII Exchange Interaction

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Band Structure Effects on the Charge Exchange Processes in H+Colliding with a Cu(111) Surface

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pH-responsive casein-based films and their application as functional coatings in solid dosage formulations

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S-type single alkali-adatom on graphene

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